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Room perfume "SUPERIOR"
  • Room perfume "SUPERIOR"

    After carefully and intensively perfecting our perfume mixture, we would like to proudly present our distinctive RB SUPERIOR room perfume. This unique odour will provide luxurious, pleasing and long-lasting fragrance for Your room. Decorate Your space with maturity, eccentric aura and care! This is the perfume, which will end Your search and will enhance Your living! 

    RB SUPERIOR room perfume is designed for men and women. Light and pleasant scent will make You feel the summer! 


    Perfume notes:

    • After the first spray, You will immediately feel the playful interaction between bergamot, orange and tangerine, which is enhanced with sweet rhubarb aroma. This refreshing mixture is enhanced with spice mixture, containing amazing balance between nutmeg, cumin, ginger and black pepper. Whole vitality of the scent is enriched with almond, jasmine, rosewood, amber, musk and cedarwood. 


    Package includes:

    • 50 ml perfume, in a high quality spray bottle, made to scent spaces and rooms. Long-lasting aroma, after just a few sprays in Your desired room. 

    In the making of the fragrance, we use aromatic oils and liquid oil basis from renewable resources. 

    Instructions and safety requirements are included on a separate paper card.

      12,00 €Price
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